Can You Make Money Trading On eToro? 3 Strategies To Follow

Can You Make Money Trading On eToro? 3 Strategies To Follow

The number one goal of every investor should be to make money. EToro’s social trading network is designed to help investors to become successful traders, and their investment platforms can accommodate any financial goals or investment strategies traders may have. They also provide investors with plenty of ways to make money.

Learn + Earn With Social Trading

Trading stocks, currencies, indices and commodities is how investors make money, and it leads to other money-making opportunities on eToro. Beginning and advanced traders can go to EToro’s Trading Academy where they can join a live webinar, check out its financial trading eCourse and look at their trading videos to learn how to increase profits and develop new skills. Traders can also learn about EToro’s social trading platform which is one of the best ways traders can traders can make money for themselves and help others make money.

Social trading allows traders to follow and copy the trading strategies of top traders. eToro users can open an account, start searching for the top traders in the system and copy their trading strategies and moves. Top traders get their ranking based on the successful trades they make, so the chance of investors copying the moves of top traders can increase the investors chances of making money.

Becoming an Elite Popular Investor

The Best Forex Brokers + Trading Platforms

+ Up to ?6000 on deposits

+ Cash rebates on trades

+50% Deposit Bonus (ex-EU only)

+100% on every deposit

+55% Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus + Cashback

In addition to making money through investment trades, users can also earn money through EToro’s Popular Investor system. This system has four levels: Cadet, Rising Star, Champion and Elite. At every level, investors have the opportunity to make money based on how many copiers they have and how many traders they bring to EToro.

Elite Popular Investors have the opportunity to make the most money by earning 2% on accounts they have under management or a fixed monthly income of $1000. They can also earn 30% of the net revenues on the clients they bring to EToro. Additionally, Elite Popular Investors do not have to pay any commissions on the trades they make through the 100% rebate on the net spreads which increases the amount of money the trader can bring in.

Refer a Friend

EToro uses a promotion called Refer a Friend where a trader can earn $100 by referring a friend who opens an account and makes a minimum $500 deposit. There is no referral limit, and each friend in return will receive a $200 deposit bonus for signing up. The trader who brought their friends to EToro will also earn 30% of the net revenues their friends make if the trader is at the Champion or Elite level.

Joining EToro can be financially beneficial to a trader - see our full etoro review here. Not only will they join a community of traders to learn trading strategies and teach others how to trade, they will also have multiple ways to make money. Making money on EToro is both educational and profitable.

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